Life of Bear

Noisy Neigh(bears) Part 2

On Monday night at 23h30, the Grammy’s paid tribute to Michael Jackonson. They played Earth SongĀ  for about 3mins and everyone cried.

I don’t have a TV and I went to bed on Monday at 21h30. So how do I know this?

Well, because when the Grammy’s started to play the MJ Earth Song Montage, my hippy (ex) Lesbo neighbours (I say ex because the man has been around for 2 weeks, no sign of sleep-over girl for ages – she must be back on men) turned out their TV and CRIED so damn loudly that they actually WOKE ME UP. Through the damn walls. I had already been sleeping fo 2 and 1/2 hours and their loud crying and wailing to Earth Song physically made me awake from my slumber.

I mean, I LOVE MJ, but people please – if you are waking up others through the walls, you seriously need counselling. Or lay off the tik that I reckon you make and sell (and smoke).

I seriously need ways to get these damn people evicted! Thoughts, suggestions – anyone?