Life of Bear

Introducing the ginja ninja :D

I have a new child. And he’s a gorgeous ginja ninja 😀

I must be honest and confess upfront that I have never been a cat person. Cat’s always seemed snobby and too independent for a dog lover like me. I didn’t want to spend vast amounts of money on an animal that I only saw at dinner time, before he ran away to kill something (and then the next time you see him, he’s brought it back – yuk).

But, it would be cruel to keep a doggy in the place where we live now (small garden) and to be a good dog owner requires much more of a commitment than cats (think – walking it every day (in the rain)); but life without a pet has just been to empty – so enter – the ginja ninja.

Basic points; his name is Scooter (he likes to “scoot” all over the house, up and down the stairs – it’s also a derivative of “Doug’s” friend Skeeter, that use to go “skeet skeet” – ha ha.); he loves cuddles, sleeping on the couch and purrs like a tractor! <really. It sounds like a helicopter is taking off once he’s had his pats of love>

I have spent a good part equivalent to the GNP of a small country on cat toys and equipment; think scratching posts (plural); an electronic water fountain (worth every penny); beds in all shapes a forms (yet he still wants to sleep in the free cardboard wine box <this dude has taste>). My latest procurement is a huge spider thing that you stick to the window – it has bells on its 8 legs *jingle jingle*

He already knows how to use the litter box (plus); hang on the curtains (not so much a plus) and love you unconditionally. He also already knows that the spot in between myself and fish in the bed is the “bestest” place in the house. He seems to like watching Grey’s Anatomy and Gordan Ramsey, but hates the sound of my electric toothbrush and the dishwasher when it finishes its cycle.

I’ve become a crazy cat lady and have brought him a little lead (ha ha). Don’t laugh – this is so I can take him out into the garden (so he can get used to it without running away); and for trips to the vet (first big day tomorrow).

He was found under the Wetton train station and would have been put to sleep unless Fish and I adopted him. To put this into perspective, on the weekend that we adopted him, 100 animals were adopted out. This sounds like a lot – but over 800 were brought in and abandoned. The scale is grossly out of proportion.

This is something I feel very strongly about and will fight you until I am blue in the face with you about. Sterilise your pets dammit. NO animals actually enjoys giving birth – it’s cruel. Don’t go to breeders and rather get your animals from rescue shelters. Scooter is so beautiful, he has the markings of a pedigree red tabby and is in perfect condition and health – there is NO NEED TO GO TO A BREEDER. There are so many beautiful animals that need homes – don’t support private breeders – by going to them and giving them your money, you are only supporting the death of hundreds of other animals. It’s the hard, cold truth – no matter how much you want to justify your pedigree to me.

I coincidentally, also feel this way about having children 😉

Our little family is now; 1 bear + 1 fish + 1 cat = 1 farm (not quite, but in our 2 bedroom townhouse, it sometimes feels like a farm).  However, the three of us are still quieter than the horrid children next door. I’ll take my little family over theirs – any day!

I’ll get some pictures up soon. Xxx