Life of Bear

Act-uaries Snack-uaries

I wish had something interesting to write about on my blog, but I really don’t. Currently my life is consumed by the most boring (yet elite) topic know to man. Yup, actuarial science. For work , I am helping organise a international gathering of actuaries from all over the world. Close to 2000 of ‘em. I just wish I understood what they were speaking about half the time.

I mean, do any of you know what “Notes on Considering the Hidden Asset or Contribution Asset” or “under Developing International Financial Reporting Standards” honestly means? I don’t. I wish I did. I would probably make more money. I also would not have to nod my head enthusiastically during sessions.

So ya, life has not been very exciting, work has been exhausting and my social life (and therefore my fun, life experiences on my blog) has suffered deeply. However, all will be over in 2 weeks time and life will return to normal soon.

My god, I really can’t think of anything to say. I think the finance and statistics and scholastic programming have finally gotten to me.  See case in point of rhyming heading. I called them “snack-uaries” because getting through the past few months has required jelly beans by the ton.

On a side note, I believe that the annoying loud-sexed neighbours have moved out/been evicted/taken their tik lab elsewhere. The dog is mysteriously quiet (possibly presumed dead); the screaming child noises have subsided and the suspicious moving of heavy objects at 5am appears to have dwindled. I would like to believe they have quietly moved on to annony neighbours elsewhere, however Fish is convinced they are on the run from the eyes of the law. Or they inhaled too much product and they all have perished inside the house. Which explains the uncharacteristic peace. I’ll keep you posted for any weird smells wafting over the wall.